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2014 Best Cover Song Nominee

With Christine Albert, former National Board Chair of The Recording Academy(R), at a benefit for her Swan Songs foundation.

“. . . world-class musicians . . . playing with heart, integrity and respect for the music . . . (in ‘Miss Otis Regrets’), we hang on every word.”

-- Christine Albert, singer/songwriter and national Board vice-chair,
The Recording Academy® (

2012 children's album cover. Order the album HERE.

A Julian Beever pavement chalk drawing, as if tailor-made for the Talkin' Junebug Blues (see LYRICS page)!
Can you tell whether or not the child is real? See more at Julian Beever's website.

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Bill Reid, Fewer Sorrows Music, A Place Inside My Heart
A Place Inside My Heart


Bill Reid & The Fewer Sorrows Band

Country Blues and Story Songs
(Amazon & iTunes)

A Place Inside My Heart

Sometimes the gig is a little off the beaten path.
On The Rocks, Cottonwood Shores, TX

Campbell Family Picker Festival
near Fredericksburg, Texas

I was noodling around at a little coffeehouse in Llano, Texas, when these two people,
Judith & Clayton, came in, listened awhile, mentioned that they had a car full of guitars,
and invited me to come with them to a little gathering 'way out in the country.
They didn't look like kidnappers or serial killers, so I went.
Turns out, the Campbells have been hosting this gathering for some 35 years.
Mine is the cutaway with the armrest, looking out of place among the Martins.

Hillside Studios, Nashville, March-June, 2012,
recording Blues for Lost Dreams

Not pictured: Denis Solee, Vickie Carrico, Etta Britt


Denis Solee, outstanding sax & clarinet

Etta Britt & Vickie Carrico, trying to keep a
straight face for "That's All Right, Jack"

Smilin' Mike Douchette,
steel & blues harp

Smilin' Dow (bass) and Smilin' Bill (lead guitar)

The Fewer Sorrows Glee Club overdubbing
"In the Jailhouse Now"

Bill & John Nicholson,
Head Engineer

Bill (with the beard) and Vickie

Eddy Anderson,
doing a lot more than keeping time

Bill & Bill. Any idea what he builds as a hobby?

Bill Hullett producing,
John Nicholson recording & engineering

Clayton (piano) & Glen (fiddle),
trying to forget something

Bill Hullett & Vickie going over a chart

Texas Music Awards, March, 2012

Just a few snapshots. For lots more, go to

Shelley "Penny" Kersh (left), ShAnnie
(Shan Kowert & Annie Acton), and Elise Reid

Ryan Murphey (left) & Bill Reid
trading songs in the solo venue

Lucky Boyd, Sammy Fox, &
Joe "King" Carrasco rehearsing

Pre-ceremony meeting

One group's tour bus (not ours)

Chrissie & Jimmy Joe -- The Better Halves

Mississippi Guitar Pull, March, 2012

This is the only guitar pull I know of with a Hall of Fame DJ emcee (Romeo Sullivan)
and a world famous guitar picker caught wearing shorts (Woody Wood).

Nashville, Hillside Studios, February - June, 2011,
recording Country Blues and Story Songs

Bill Hullett, session leader, with his indestructible vintage telecaster

Running through charts at Hilltop (from left: Dow Tomlin, Clayton Ivey, Bill Hullett, Tommy Wells, Bill Reid, Mike Douchette. Not pictured: Glen Duncan, Brian Collins)

Dow Tomlin riffing for the camera

Clayton Ivey, who's played on more gold records than anyone I know of

Hilltop Studios, Nashville; scene of the crime, run by proprietor & super engineer, John Nicholson

Michael Douchette running through a chart on harp & steel; Bill Hullett in the background.

Glen Duncan in the fiddle room

Glen (left) & Clayton

In the vocal booth

Tommy, Brian Collins, Bill H. & Mike working on the chart for "Passin' Through"

Tommy Wells ("Tommy Boom," a fine hockey coach, too)

John at his A console


"Nashville Nightengale" J'Nae Fincannon
Performances & Venues

Picks in Nashville (Photo by Brian Collins)


Pecan Street Brewing, Johnson City
(Photo by David Weber)

Bill Reid and Mark Allan Atwood at Poodies Hilltop, Austin, TX
Poodies Hilltop, Austin, TX (Spicewood), with Mark Allan Atwood on blues harp
(Photo by Denise Henry)

Bill Reid at Luckenbach, Texas
Luckenbach, Texas, playing the Junebug Special (note the fine Badeaux instruments in the back)
(Thanks to the Badeaux [Badeauxes? Badeauxex?] for the nice photo!)

Bill Reid at the Cactus Cafe, Austin, Texas
Cactus Cafe, Austin
(Mom always told me not to wear my hat in the house.)

Potter Stubbs at the Austin Songwriters Group
Potter Stubbs, ASG songwriter,
singing "I'll Share My Blanket With You"

Brian Collins at On The Rocks, 2010

Pampell's, Kerrville

Opening night headliners, On The Rocks, 2010

Elise Reid at Freddie Powers' birthday party, Austin, Texas
Elise at Freddy Powers' (left) 79th birthday party

Freddy Powers' birthday party, Austin, Texas
Freddy's musical "protege" at the party, 10/13/10

Bill Reid, Ron Knuth, Duke Davis at the Kerrville Texas Heritage Music Festival
Bill admiring Duke Davis's guitar with Duke (left) and Ron Knuth (center), Kerrville, TX, 2010

Bill Reid, Texas Heritage Music Festival, Kerrville, TX
With kids at the 2010 Texas Heritage Music Foundation festival

Bill Reid, John Casner, Texas Heritage Music Festival
With Lost John Casner (back, right) and kids from Ms. Conover's Class, Texas Heritage Music Festival, 2009

Recording A Place Inside My Heart

Chris Reeves, Timbre Lodge Recording Co.
Bill and guitar player extraordinaire Chris Reeves, April, 2008

Ron Knuth, Timbre Lodge Recording Co. Stephen Meyer, Timbre Lodge Recording Co.
Ron Knuth, fiddler increable (October, 2009); Stephen Meyer at the Big Board

Tony "Little Sun" Glover, blues harmonica, blues harp
Tony "Little Sun" Glover
You have never heard a better blues harp player.

Christine Albert, Timbre Lodge Recording Co., A Place Inside My Heart
Christine Albert, outstanding writer & performer; Mike Blakely, the rarest of the breed.

The Junebug Special

The Junebug Special, named for granddaughter June Peterson, was made possible by a bequest from Lucile Reid Brock (thanks, Mom) and commissioned to Taylor Guitars in the summer of 2010. This unique guitar is made of hand-picked rosewood and cream cedar, with both Taylor-styled and custom green heart abalone inlay (including the "Moon-Over-Texas" cattle brand on the back of the headstock, registered by my great-great-grandfather Jesse Taylor Reid in Gonzales County, Texas, in 1867). It has an integrated koa armrest, koa and abalone trim, Gotoh 510 tuners, and bone & ebony in all the right places. The photos immediately below are of Taylor's J.R. Robison (left) and Joe Bina showing us wood samples (my wife Elise is on the right), and the partially-finished neck and headstock (inlay by Larry Breedlove). Those farther down are of the finished guitar, now being played daily (but not taken to gigs in sleazy bars).

Taylor Guitars, The Junebug Special, Elise ReidThe Junebug Special, Taylor Guitars
The Junebug Special, being built in 2010 by Taylor Guitars(R)

Bill Reid, The Junebug Special, Fewer Sorrows Music Bill Reid, The Junebug Special, Fewer Sorrows Music Bill Reid, The Junebug Special, Fewer Sorrows Music
Bill Reid, The Junebug Special, Fewer Sorrows Music
Bill Reid, The Junebug Special, Fewer Sorrows Music

The inside label, signed by Bob Taylor, reads
"'Junebug Special' built for Bill Reid. Thanks, Mom."


Mose Allison playing "Trouble in Mind" at a small New Orleans club, May, 2010

1947 D-28, my main guitar for almost 5 decades

First commercial album, Studio City Records, 1964
The guitar is the D-28 pictured farther up the page, purchased from Budd Davisson in Norman, OK, about 1962.
(Photo by Kallman Studios, on location in Minneapolis)

Scene beside our Texas home

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